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About Cara Paige

Cara Paige, a 24-year-old singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, found a love for music early on and a voice through songwriting and a guitar. She started singing at 8, but it was when she got her hands on a guitar at 14 that everything clicked. She’s entirely self-taught, which has made her journey with music uniquely hers.


"Red Flags," her first song, was written at 14. By 17, she had the chance to record it professionally, marking the start of her journey into the music industry. Ten years into songwriting, her process is still evolving, fueled by a love for the craft that grows stronger every day.


Music has been Cara’s emotional outlet, her way of understanding the world, and through her songs, she offers the same refuge to her listeners. Her goal is simple: to connect, to comfort, and to resonate with people who find pieces of their own stories in her lyrics.


As Cara continues to write and release new music, reaching a broader audience remains a priority—not for the sake of numbers, but for the opportunity to share experiences, emotions, and moments that matter. 

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